Unofficial Premiere of FRENCH FOR FOREIGNERS


Showdown between two women about whether or not to wear a veil.

On March 5th, an informal gathering was held at Lycée Suger to screen FRENCH FOR FOREIGNERS. The event allowed many of the participants to see each other for the first time since the filming on January 10-11. In attendance among the class were Stephanie, Sylvain, Cristina and Gyaltsen. Several soccer fans also turned up: Olivier, Marcus and Romain among others.  Crew members present included Clara, Kahina, Alexandre, Benoit, Mylene, and Lorin.

Severine treated guests to a lavish spread of “petits fours”, soup, and sandwiches. A toast was made with champagne served in dixie cups. Two announcements were made at that time. Firstly, there is festival and television interest in our film. And second, on Tuesday, April 28th at 2pm at L’Ecran, Behi will present Pour un instant, la liberté. Please reply here if you wish to come join us for that screening.


About kartiksingh

I have been living in Paris, France since 1996. I was born to Sikh parents who immigrated to the USA. I grew up outside of Kansas City, and at 18 went to Washington DC with the intention of becoming a diplomat. Five years later, I arrived in Paris and found my life purpose: to make films that bring hope, insight, and inspiration to the world. My debut feature film Callback premieres in September 2010 in New York. For more details on where you can see my films, look for me at
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