About Me

I was born in the college town of Manhattan, KS, also known as Aggieville, home of the K-State Wildcats.  I grew up in a suburb of Kansas City.  In high school, I got a taste of performing arts through my school select choir, the Madrigals, and the KC All-Metro Choir.  I also did plays and musicals.  Alongside an  economics major at American U. in Washington, I spent as much time as I could in acting classes or on stage, and I even managed to get work on a major Hollywood movie, Forrest Gump.  In 1996, I moved to France to study film and received an MFA from the Sorbonne.  Ten narrative shorts and 30-plus industrial films later, I am an active screenwriter, and I recently wrote and directed my debut feature film, Callback.  Please visit our Fan page on Facebook to find out more.  Just type CALLBACK in the search.

4 Responses to About Me

  1. Sree says:

    It looks improbable to come for the movie on mardi; is there any other way to see it? Some of us- in academics- would really like to have a discussion on it but are unable to see it that day.

  2. Nikki Turgeon-Williams says:


    I just read about your accomplishments in the AU Alum email–congratulations! I really want to see your latest film. The last time we spoke was in 1995-96, when you were in Japan…how are you???

    I’m back in DC living with my partner of 7 years…we just moved to Anacostia…my email address is nihonnikki@yahoo.com

    Hope you are well…please let me know if you are ever in DC…
    we will be in Paris next summer…maybe we can meet for a glass of wine?! my best regards, Nikki

  3. Max and Nola says:


    Trust you are well, write us when you have a chance.


  4. Congrats on the film release and success Kartik! Let me know if you find yourself in San Francisco per your film work.

    Warm Regards,

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